What Type of Massage Do You Do?

I get asked all the time if I do deep tissue massage. The answer is only if the muscles let me.

Deep tissue massage is very painful for most people, but the notion is out there that somehow it is more relaxing and helpful. I find that most of the time massage has to administered like shoveling snow - layer by layer. Doing either one the wrong way can cause injury. Let's face it you don't want to be beat up during a massage, you want to relax. If you are coming in for the treatment of an injury or a muscle spasm, the last thing you want is a deep tissue massage.

So to answer the question I do european or swedish massage and Amma Therapy massage (a form of oriental massage where one does not have to undress, although comfy clothes are needed). I can add aroma therapy to the massage and or heat.

I do prenatal massage and pediatric massage. I do relaxation massage or therapeutic massage. The choice is really yours.

Enjoy your massage!

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