Do You Suffer From Headaches? Acupuncture Can Help!

Simeon Pollock here with the Wholistic Health Minute.

Headaches are a common complaint and they “visit” us for a variety of reasons.  Whether you’re suffering from stress, tension, congested sinuses, migraines, cluster or period-related headaches, one thing’s for certain… headache pain can seriously disrupt your busy day.

Common ways to “treat” headache include popping pills and painful injections.  However, most of these “treatments” do little more than just mask the pain.  Because the cause of the pain isn’t addressed, the pain returns causing lost productivity, hiding in darkened rooms and missing out on special family times.

Life was meant to be lived without pain and Chinese medicine has been treating headaches along with other types of pain for centuries.

Chinese medicine treats your headache by going beyond masking the pain and addressing the cause of the pain.  A practitioner of Chinese medicine will seek to discover that cause and eliminate it, thereby relieving your headache and possibly reducing the reoccurance.

In Chinese medicine, reducing the pain comes down to moving the qi- or energy.  If we are successful in getting the qi to move, the pain will go as well.

If headache pain is getting the best of you, let the experience of thousands of years of Chinese medicine go to work for you.

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