Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Word to the Techie

Recently I have trying to accomplish some things technical involving my website and the hosting thereof. I am now more than ever enjoying the low-tech world of Chinese Medicine. I have been at my computer more than I care to be and am being able to into practice that which I preach to my patients, who do this for a living.

I have had to get up after a time and stretch & move my shoulders periodically so that I don't get stiff and tight. Also I need get myself away from this frustration so that I don't get a headache or upset.

I guess to those outside of the Chinese medical world, what I do also looks complicated. However there is an elegant simplicity to Chinese medicine that once inside the appreciation for which grows tremendously.

I can truly say that I have a new found and greatly enhanced appreciation for those who sit all day where I am sitting now in front of a computer and make it all look so beautiful and easy.

For all those computer lovers out there, geeks and all, I invite you to explore my world and seek out the benefits that I and what I do have to offer you. It will greatly enhance your well being and productivity and thereby enhance your life.

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