Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who Does Not Want to Have Your Period?

Ugh! The Mess, the pain before, the pain during, the emotional roller coaster, being so tired, the bloating, the breast tenderness. Wouldn’t be great if you could just take a pill and be done with all of that? Wouldn’t be great not to have your period for a few months or only three times a year or not at all?

For a lot of women the answer would be a resounding Yea! This is what the pharmaceutical industry is banking on as the next generation of “The Pill” is being marketed.

Honestly, I can’t blame you if you are experiencing monthly episodes of the above. Who in their right mind would want to deal with that? Well, I am sorry to say that all is not right in fantasy land.

If you as a woman are experiencing any or all of those symptoms, the answer to your problems don’t lay in stopping your period. From a Chinese medical point of view this is like locking up a pressure cooker. One can only imagine the result.

In Chinese medicine everything is viewed as qi (pronounced chee) or energy. To have all or some of those symptoms indicates that ones qi is not flowing properly. As a healthy female one should not have any “symptoms” that we Americans associate with PMS or a period. They are all signs of dis-ease, that something is wrong in the energy system. Usually the issue is stagnation (qi not free flowing) to begin with.

Free flowing energy would result in a pain free period, with no PMS. Now how is that for a thought? The answer in other words is not to bottle up the energy, which would be the result of a drug that would stop ones period. The answer would be to create an environment within you that would allow the qi to flow and your body to function as it should.

All this playing with nature wreaks havoc on our energy systems which in turn takes a toll on the body. The long range implications that can only be imagined. I say this because we simply don’t know what will happen to women who take these drugs long term.

The organ system that governs the menstrual flow is the Liver. Its energy should be smooth and outward flowing. This energy is affected by emotions and effects the emotions. If it does not flow the result in women can be menstrual issues, like the ones mentioned above.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs work to create an environment within the body that would enable the qi to flow as it should. This would allow the body to remain healthy and functioning as it should. This is a goal worthy of aspiring to! Anyone not interested in this goal – I guess you can take the pill. Let me know what going on with you in say 20 years.

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