Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is Wholistic Medicine?

My practice name is Wholistic Family Healthcare and I practice acupuncture, massage therapy under the umbrella term of Traditional Chinese medicine. My clinic is located in Silver Spring, MD which is close by to Washington DC. To me Chinese medicine is a Wholistic Medicine (some would spell it Holistic Medicine) and what I mean by that is that we look at a person, not the parts that hurt or are sick.

Looking at the whole person and taking into account the various aspects that make up a person is the hallmark of Chinese medicine and what wholistic medicine should be about. Here is what I mean when I say “take into account the various aspects that make up a person.” I will explain by recounting a recent patient’s success.

About two months ago a female came in complaining of having recently being diagnosed with high blood pressure. She was very upset by this because she had never had this issue before and her doctor scared her to the core and prescribed a few medications to control her blood pressure.

After having her fill out the intake forms and performing a detailed interview, which included asking about her diet, her lifestyle, her family life, her work life, what she does for fun, any illnesses, her emotional well being to name a few, I came to the conclusion that her high blood pressure was due to the onset of menopause – that’s right – menopause (a detailed explanation can be the subject of another post if there is sufficient interest).

After treating her for a little over two months with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and having the patient take her own blood pressure and chart it, she went to her doctor for a follow-up exam. The nurse got a reading of 142/78 and the doctor’s own reading was lower. The doctor was so flustered she could not even get her mouth to tell my patient the reading. According to my patient the doctor refused to chart her reading. The doctor remarked to her that her medications must be working. My patient told her that she was only taking one of the medications (I need to put in a disclaimer at this point. I am not a physician and so at no point do I ever advise a patient to take or to discontinue taking a medication prescribed by a physician) and that she was getting acupuncture. My patient reports that she then told her doctor that her acupuncturist told her that her high blood pressure was due to menopause. Her doctor responded by saying “I knew that”. My patient was just flabbergasted and exclaimed “So why didn’t you tell me that?” The doctor just did not respond.

Watch her testimonial below.

The point is that her doctor looked only at her high blood pressure and did not look at her holistically. I looked at the whole of her and saw something the doctor did not. I treated her (the person) and by treating her I treated her high blood pressure. That is Wholistic Medicine.

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