Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stress and You II

A colleague of mine just told me about a wonderful thing she did for herself. She went on a spiritual retreat. It was not with a revival group or anything like that. It was just her and some things she does to revive her spirit.

What she did was so simple, yet so powerful. Here is her secret (don't tell anyone. It is only for those of you who read my blog). She spent 3 days on the shore in a bed and breakfast. She wrote, she read and she enjoyed the solitude. She brought back beautiful pictures of sunrise, so I know she was drawing in energy, rejuvenating energy from nature.

This is someone we can all take a lesson from. What she did was to get off the merry-go-round of work, responsibilities to everyone else and their overwhelming stresses. She took time to re-charge her batteries and took care of herself.

Now some of you might call this selfishness YOU'RE WRONG! This was pure genius! So many of us get caught up in our work, our families, our social circles, the thousand and one things we have to do, the thousand one things we have to have, the thousand and one things that are expected of us by family, friends, customers, patients and employers that we lose our perspective. We lose our sense of self.

Let me ask you something how are you going to get it back? One way is to get a weekly massage, where someone spends an hour working and concentrating on you. Another is to take a bath in a darkened bathroom with candles burning (I like this one). Another is to do what my colleague did; she went on a retreat. This is something best done without the kids, laptop, cell phone, television or other disturbances. I bet you after three to six days of this and you will be a different person. Stress, what stress?

What is important is to plan what it is you will be doing during your retreat that will nourish your spirit, your soul. What will you do that will revive your optimism, your smile. Without proper planning you will probably get board quickly. Also it is best to go somewhere quiet, where there are no large crowds or loud activities going on. What I am saying is that a casino, crowded resorts, places that are having their peak season should not figure into your plans.

So go ahead plan a retreat for yourself and your significant other and replenish, rejuvenate and reinvigorate yourself. Everyone who knows you and spends time around you will thank you for it.

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