Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stress in the workplace???

In an article published in the Business section of the Washington Post on February 19, 2008, author Vickie Elmer discussed the effects of stress in the workplace.

In her article, Ms. Elmer that if you are “angry and overloaded because your hours keep growing as the staff gradually shrinks, don’t expect much help from management.”

She cites a report from a consulting firm – Watson Wyatt, that states that only about 5 percent of employers are aggressively combating work-related stress.  The report also says that many underestimate the impact of stress on worker defections.

The company surveyed workers and the workers said that the number 1 source of stress is long hours that seem to be getting longer.  Half of those surveyed said that this affects performance.

One can only imagine what these workers bring home and what this stress does to their relationships.

I always instruct my patients to seek a balance in their workplace.  Try to get up and move during the day – go for a walk, close your door and eyes for a time, clear your head.

Many look at me like I just came from outer space when I make such suggestions, like how in the world am I supposed to slow down?

Well the only answers I have come from experience.  If one does not slow down, sickness will.  You are more apt to get sick if you are constantly stressed and exhausted.  One becomes exhausted because one can not sleep properly when stressed out.  One does not eat properly when stressed out.

Eating does not only mean what one eats, but also how one eats.  How one eats is very important and has major impact on digestion.  If you eat slowly and calmly the digestive process works as it should.  Always eating on the run, does not allow you to digest and assimilate your food properly as your body is using the energy you need for digestion for other tasks.  Ever notice how one becomes sleepy after eating?  That is your body’s way of telling you not to expend energy on activity as it needs the energy for digestion.

My advice is for you to slow down, take time to enjoy life and involve yourself in activities that lower your stress levels.  You heart along with other organs and systems will thank you for it.

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