Monday, January 9, 2012

Stop Bronchitis

I have this friend in addition to my father-in-law ( a pharmacist), both of whom told me recently that every winter they get bronchitis.  It never fails that they catch cold and the cold eventually and inevitably turns into bronchitis.  They also told me recently, that this is the first winter that they did not get bronchitis.
Each in turn told me that the reason they did not get bronchitis is because they took the Chinese herbs I had recommended   -  Yin Qiao & Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan.
This formula is a great formula for treating colds and flu symptoms and my patients and family swear by it.  Even my brother who won’t do anything else, Chinese medicine wise, takes Yin Qiao.
There is a small learning curve with this formula and that is to take it right away, not even waiting until you figure out if what you have is a cold or not – just take it.  My father-in-law even took it preventatively and it worked for him that way.
Now that the winter is over I am sure they a breathing better as well as a sigh of relief.

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