Monday, January 9, 2012

My Back Hurts and I Didn’t Do Anything!

Have you ever been in so much pain and you could not move properly and could not figure out why?

Recently, I have been working with a young man who has had so much back pain he had to leave work and go on disability.  Shocking as it was he could hardly even walk let alone get in and out of chairs.  Every way he moved he had pain.

His daily activity was sitting in a recliner!

When I questioned him as what may have caused his being this way, perhaps an accident or a fall.  He replied that he had he had done nothing of the sort.  He could not understand why he was like this.  He explained he was too young for this sort of thing.

Sadly, I see a lot of these types of people and usually after they have been to see a doctor, have been to the hospital, sometimes have had physical therapy and all to no avail.  Their pain is still persistent and they are usually frustrated.  Who could blame them?

With the young man I was writing about above he is now walking, doing household chores and getting back into his life.  We have been working together for about three months now and the changes are extraordinary!

Here is what happened to him and why he was in so much pain.

Most injuries occur with a sudden onset and usually one can pin point the cause.  As with this young man the onset was insidious.  Meaning it happened gradually and over time.  We call these injuries micro-injuries or low intensity injuries.

Micro injuries can happen over years with no obvious signs or symptoms until the proverbial straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back.  Then it is your back or your knee or your hip that is in pain and you lose range of motion or if really bad, are out on disability.

This young man through what he did for work continuously injured his back muscles until he was in so much pain he could not move.  His muscles were so tight when he came to see me; it was like working on rock.

Believe it or not what also factored into causing his injury was work place stress – yes stress.  How would that cause a back injury you are asking yourself?  Well in Chinese medicine the back is ruled or governed by energy that is affected by stress.  The constant stress combined with the postures he was standing in combined to disastrous results.

His treatment not only includes working on his muscles to make them more supple and pliable, but also to address his stress.  It is a multi pronged approach that is typical of Chinese medicine and typical of the work done in my office where I combine acupuncture techniques with massage therapy techniques into one very powerful treatment.

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