Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have You Ever Treated...????

Have You Ever Treated…?

I get asked this a lot and I guess I can understand the question, what with today being the age of specialists. People want to know if I am a specialist? So I wanted to post some answers for one and all in this forum to answer this question and to explain how Chinese medicine views whatever ails you.

First off know that if I or anyone else would be in practice for 100 years we could not have seen everything out there. There are so many diagnosises that there would not be enough time in the day to get to them all.

Second, as I practitioner of Chinese medicine the diagnosis that your western medical doctor does not really help me to treat you in an overt way. It helps my western mind understand what you have, but my eastern mind can’t treat you from it.

As any practitioner of Chinese medicine knows we operate from a Chinese medical diagnosis based on signs and symptoms that are relevant to our way of thinking. This requires doing an in-depth intake and getting a complete medical history form the patient with information that Chinese medicine requires.

In my office this includes filling out a lengthy intake form followed by a lengthy interview (for the most part) and work-up. This only gives me an initial working theory of what to treat. I can and do often revise this theory based on new information that I get from the patient as the treatments progress. I often re-visit issues and ask questions a second & third time. Once a patient scolded me for asking her the same question each time she walked in. I told her that I am not senile and I am asking the same question for a reason. I also asked her to allow me to practice at my discretion and to allow me to decide what information was important and relevant.

Third, most practitioners of Chinese medicine do not specialize. Why? You may ask. It is because Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine. We do not see illness as an isolated event that happens to one organ or part of the body. Energy is dynamic and flows through the whole body and so there is a ripple effect. Let me ask you a question – let’s say you hurt your hand (the hand you write with or your dominant hand) and you can’t do your normal everyday tasks, how would this affect you and your day? I would venture to guess you would be fixated on it and it would affect every task you would want to accomplish. Just think, this is just your hand! Can you imagine that internal problems are ant different? When something is off it affects the entire body. How could I then treat “only” the problem that bothers you most?

Another interesting fact is that oftentimes when I help a person with one issue and it resolves, other issues that were not as primary as the one that brought the patient in pop up. I am then asked to treat that issue as well, and then the next issue. I call it peeling the onion.

So yes, Chinese medicine can help, for what and how much and for how long, remains to be seen. It depends on each person and how they present. For emergencies, please call 911.

So I am a specialist - a specialist in Chinese medicine and I specialize in YOU!

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