Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Suffer from Sinus Headache & Infection

As of late people have been coming in with sinus congestion and infections. Often the primary complaints are of a sinus headache and pressure. Some people are on antibiotics and some are not. Some people have taken multiple types of antibiotics and some just one. In all cases however the overriding theme is that they are not getting rid of the sinus congestion and headaches.

By this point you are probably asking yourself, as do these people who come to me is: Can acupuncture help a sinus headache? My succinct answer is yes!

Sinus problems are viewed in Chinese medicine and being related to the spleen & lung channels. Plainly there are issues with both, and the qi is not flowing as it should. A more detailed explanation can be had at your appointment, if you wish.

What can you do about it, you are surely asking. Well, I always like to take a history first to establish that what I wrote above is true in the case of every patient who has this complaint. Should that be so, the treatment would consist of acupuncture, essential oils, massage and herbs (the herbs you would have to take at home) and diet modification (also done at home). This course of treatment usually is very effective at getting rid of the sinus congestion, infection & post-nasal drip. In addition a neti pot can prove to be very helpful for cleansing the sinus cavities and nostrils. A net pot can be purchased at many health food stores.

So if you are sinus sufferer and don't want to suffer any longer come on in and try my treatment methods. It won't cure you in the first session, but then treatment consistency and patient compliance often brings results.

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