Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you have Stubborn Pre-Adolescent or Adolescent Children?

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers…but I have found that my pre-adolescent daughters are becoming more intransigent in the ways. They may wake up this way or come home from school in a mood and be un-cooperative. Well, I start thinking to myself – what can I do to help them out and ease the obvious frustrations that they are clearly feeling. I begin by asking them what is wrong, and usually get the “I don’t know” answer or the “nothing” answer. Sometimes they tell me that they have a headache or their stomach hurts.

As a parent I feel for my children as they are obviously in pain of some sort. As a practitioner I start thinking of remedies that I can offer them. I have been treating them with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for the past six months or so and I must tell you, it is working!!

One morning recently, one of my daughters woke up not feeling well. When I asked what was wrong, I received tears and was told that her stomach and head hurt. I asked her is she would be willing to have acupuncture, and she said yes.
Within five minutes of putting in the needles, her whole face changed. Her face went from one with a pained expression to a happy one. The color of her face changed and her whole body relaxed. My wife was amazed to see the “transformation.” Well, within 30 minutes my daughter went from tears and suffering to off to school with a smile on her face.

Children go through all sorts of change, some of which they can’t assimilate or understand, as they may be hormonal and so they are energetic as well; they don’t get clear signals that their bodies are evolving and so don't know what to do to help themselves. When these changes are not clear or not recognizable to them our children suffer. We as parents suffer as well, as we are on the receiving end of their attitudes, frustrations and emotional outbursts.

What can one do? Well, for starters we have to be able to recognize what is happening and sense the cause. If your children are pre-pubescent then this is a time of extreme change for them and we have to help them through it.

In Chinese medicine these changes can and do result in energetic changes as well. As with anything in Chinese medicine, the affected channels/meridians have to be assessed and the qi treated. Sounds simple? Well not always, as the body is not so cut & dry. Seek out a competent practitioner and talk to your child about what you want for him/her.

Please don’t expect instant and lasting results from a couple of treatments. As children take years so complete this transition, so will the treatments. They will act as a comforting companion through these years. In addition there are dietary recommendations, parental attitudes and parental reactions among other things that need to be addressed.

Working together with your acupuncturist, you and your child can live happier, healthier lives.

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