Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cancer Care

" I just heard from the Dr. and I have cancer." Are there any scarier words that can be spoken?

I have heard these words spoken by my patients. They then asked me, "what can you do to help me?"Chinese medicine is many thousands of years old and has been dealing with cancer as well as other diseases for all those years. Yet, there is no cure for cancer either from Chinese medicine or from western medicine. So you are asking - what does he have to offer with his Chinese medicine?

Well, let me share with you two recent cases. One patient came in with malignant lung cancer, the other with malignant breast cancer.

The lung cancer came to be many years after this patient stopped smoking. The surgeons advice was that one of the lobes of the right lung would have to be removed. So we started the patient right away on mushroom supplements. Mushrooms are leading the way right now in cancer research studies. The next generation of cancer fighting drugs may very well come from mushrooms.

Following the surgery I worked on strengthening my patient with acupuncture as well as treating the incisions from the surgery with acupuncture and Chinese herbal liniments. This treatment was instrumental in helping the scars heal well and remain pliable. My patient attributes her quick recovery to acupuncture.

One of her complications from surgery was constipation, which by the way, the surgeon had told my patient was a common side effect often seen in lung surgery patients and that he did not know why. Well Chinese medicine provided me with insight into why constipation is a side effect of lung surgery. I recommended a course of action that quickly resolved the constipation.

Another patient was diagnosed with breast cancer. I recommended here to that mushrooms be incorporated into the diet.

Currently chemotherapy is the treatment being administered by the oncologist. I am administering another treatment. One based on Chinese medicine and the two principles used when working with cancer patients. I have been using acupuncture to help with nausea and maintaining her strength. My patient recently commented that she felt so good over the weekend. She said that she felt the way she did before she started chemo.

I have also made dietary recommendations based on Chinese medicine's nutritional guidelines. This is directed at keeping up her strength combating other side effect of the chemotherapy and preventing her liver from storing the toxins from the chemotherapy. So far so good.

I feel confident that Chinese medicine, via acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese nutrition, is and will continue to make an important contribution to cancer care.

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