Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you getting enough Caffeine?

I just read an article in US News & World Report, in which the subject was caffeine and how much is being consumed by Americans. It said in the article that caffeine is not only found in chocolate, coffee & tea the traditional sources but was also now being added to beer, hi energy drinks and in other types of food.

It is truly scary how people today want to cram more & more into their lives. It is as if we are trying to somehow figure out how to get more than 24 hours into our day. Momma always told you that you couldn't burn the candle at both ends did she not? Yet here we are ignoring her sage advice.

It is getting so bad that according to the article teenagers and college students are devouring caffeine so that they can stay up later studying. All so that they can get into the college of their choice or get accepted to many colleges so that they can pick the one they want to get into. They are also drinking caffeine-laced beverages so that they can stay up partying later. People in their late twenties and early thirties are doing the same so that they can keep up with the twenty something crowd.

I was just amazed at what I was reading. There was no sanity in what people are doing to themselves. People according to this article are sacrificing sleep, proper hydration (caffeine dehydrates you), and I can assure you these people are not eating properly. The end result is burnout, health issues down the road, infertility problems I can just see it coming like a train wreck.

A story is told about an old man who was in the hospital in the nicest room. One day a candy striper came by to visit with him and to see if there was anything he needed. He told her that he had everything he needed except one item. She asked what that was and that she would see to it right away. The old man replied that she could not get him his health back. This is what he was missing. You see, he said, I spent my whole life running after money at the expense of my health, and now you see me here in this expensive hospital room spending all that money trying to re-acquire my health.

I think it is a better strategy to take the time to slow down and take life one day at a time. It is important to get enough sleep 8 hours a night is average. It is important to eat right and drink enough fluids (not necessarily 8 glasses a day, it depends on your size and the heat of the day). It is important to relax and to exercise both mind & body. Children & teens are much more in need of enough sleep than the average adult, yet they tend to sleep less as the pressure of school and the pressure to achieve is too much to bear. Parents should do something to help their kids; they also have to set the example so that their kids can learn proper behavior.

Caffeine is not the answer to getting more energy; energy comes from fuel, not vapors. It is a simple equation and yet most people don't get it, so here it is:
Healthy Food+Water+Enough Sleep = Energy. I would like to see that taught in phys ed and stressed by parents. I would like to see that lived up to by adults. Anything less is well, just wasting time.

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