Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The $895.00 Pain Reliever - Want One?

Recently arrived in the mail was a newsletter from some institute in California promoting a new wonder cure for back pain. It trumpeted something called the Infratonic something or other and the L-5 Protocol. This cure entailed your buying a machine for only $895.00. The newsletter said that this machine would help with all types of pain, but touted its help in back pain with treatment lasting only 10 minutes a day. I have the newsletter in my office for anyone who wants to see it.

The catch was that one would have to treat oneself. No therapist along to tell you if you were doing the treatment correctly, or what to expect throughout the course of treatment.

The hook or sales tool was to offer free shipping and parts replacement for three years. Wow! What a bargain some bargain.

My mother always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually.

Besides being less expensive my treatments come along with someone to guide you and apply the treatments correctly.

This machine is supposed to relieve back spasms and accelerate healing. No where in the newsletter did it explain how this machine worked to help one heal. It also did not discuss or outline any possible side effects.

Well I am here to tell you that I have helped many people with back pain, and for a lot less money. I use tried and true techniques, techniques that are literally thousands of years old. True some of the methods that I can employ are more modern and use technology, but I can explain how they work and what they are supposed to do. I also aim to get at the cause of your problem (preferably once you are out of pain) so that your issue won't come back repeatedly.

I use acupuncture, massage, heat, and stretching. These are among the effective tools that I have at my disposal to help you. Through time and information gathering I can often pinpoint the cause of your pain and suggest ways to relieve it and to stop it from re-occurring.

The machine this newsletter was touting amounted to a very expensive painkiller. Cheaper models are on every supermarket and drugstore shelf in America. However if you want more that just pain relief, if you want to possibly end your pain by getting to the source, call me. 'nough said!.

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